Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My baby girl Emily turns 14 on April 1st, not so much a baby anymore but since she is the youngest she will always be my baby. Come on and admit it, the youngest of your clan will always be your baby even when you're 100 and he/she is ? (you fill in age difference). Well, in my efforts to really be creative and give gifts that are totally personal i'm giving all the kids in the extended family and my own handmade gifts this year. As it turns out, never realized this, but Em's birthday falls first in the year. So, one gift she is getting is this cool purse it's called Charm Bag Tote designed by Moda, just look under the pattern section, it's free. She loves the color purple right now so i'm going to try and make it out of purples. I'll post a pic as soon as I get it completed. Spring break from school is next week and she will be in NC with her other grandmother playing with dogs, horses and a llama so i'll try to get it done then.
Happy crafting,

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