Monday, January 19, 2009


Just random thoughts here as my mind is really not too focused today.
I got my new car friday, it's not brand new but new to me. A 1996 Honda Civic LX........clean, in good shape and low mileage for a Honda. You see I have this 3 year personal economic stimulus plan. One of the things that got our country into this mess is overextending credit and getting yourself into debt. Well, this chick ain't gonna let it happen to me and mine. This car will last for quite a while (Lord willing) and then I can pass it on to Emily when the time comes, 2-3 years :(, and then I can get my newer car and won't be in so much debt. Don't like bills and as i've paid off things in the past it's been so nice to not have that carrying over my head.
Second, I have made a new friend and it's called Craig's List. I was able to sell Chris' trombone in 4 days, 4 days people. It's free to advertise and they have all kinds of things on the site. You can get some great furniture finds.
I also finished a sewing job for a friend, I know that she is glad as she has been waiting for the goods to arrive. I learned alot about sewing for others. I can't honestly say that I would never do it again but I would be very selective about who I did it for. My sewing machine is an oldie but a goodie and I would love to have a new one but that is in the distant future right now. Maybe some day my prince charming will come along and let me just be a wife and stay home and sew and do my craft and decorating projects, maybe I could make money on the side.
Anyhoo, it was a good weekend and Emily and I went to see Hotel for Dogs, very cute and touching. Dogs were way better than the humans in the movie!
Have a great day!
GOD bless,

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