Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NEW DAY!!!!!!

Isn't it great how GOD gives us a new day to start over with all the mistakes we made the days before. His grace is neverending and something we so don't deserve. I am amazed at how GOD has always brought me through times that I messed up and brought on myself and the times that were out of my control. He sends me little messages that are so "loud" that it's almost like he is yelling at me (I know he really isn't) but I do believe that he will do whatever he chooses to get our attention. I have been truly blessed in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I shudder to think of what life would be like if I didn't have Christ as my focus. I truly hope that so many people that I know personally and strangers that I encounter day to day will find Christ if they feel lost and lonely. If they hold anger in their hearts I pray that they will let in Christ and find untold amounts of joy and peace.

I receive a devotional in my email daily from http://www.girlfriendsingod.com/ and it gives me daily enouragement in times I struggle. I would encourage anyone to visit with them and receive a blessing. I found this site through http://www.crosswalk.com/ .

Have a great day and GOD bless!

Lisa :)

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