Wednesday, April 15, 2009


One of my regular blogs I like to read is Nikki's, she is so whimsical and creative, you really should check her out. On of her posts she shared that she had been adopted and was connected with a group called Birthmom Buds. Well, they are having their special mother's day celebration coming up and asked for donations of door prizes to give the the birth mothers. So, I am donating....I wasn't adopted and I have not adopted a child (however, I would if felt led to do it) but I am a mother and I know that feeling that comes from having given birth. The photo is what I am donating made out of an old piece of wood that has been worn from the weather. Hopefully the recipient of this will always remember that God will bless her for choosing to give life as oppose to terminating the life God created. Please check out Birthmom Buds it is a wonderful group.

God Bless,


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BirthMom Buds said...

I'm way late in saying thank you but thank you so much for the beautiful plaque you donated as a door prize. It's even prettier in person than the picture.

Thank you for the kind words in your post as well.

~ Coley Strickland,
Founder of